Octopus Energy Tariffs combined with Heat & Hot Water Cylinders

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders works with Octopus Energy

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders’ work with Octopus Energy for broader & more efficient energy usage and cost savings

A Heat & Hot Water Cylinder can help heat your home and reduce your energy bill when combined with Octopus Energy tariffs and a Smart Electric Meter.

About Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy offers a range of tariffs to benefit EV owners, solar and battery customers. They’re leading the way with time of use tariffs, offering unparalleled value and control over your energy.

Our Heat & Hot Water Cylinders store heat (or thermal) energy, meaning you can increase or maximise the use of their tariffs.

Heat and Hot Water Cylinders - green home energy

Octopus Energy Tariffs

The right tariff for you will depend on your set up and how your household consumes energy.

Octopus Go

A tariff that offers super cheap electricity for 12p/kWh between 00:30 and 04:30 every night. This tariff provides great value energy for EV owners who can schedule their charging to happen overnight. Customers can fill up for the tenth of the price of a traditional car with Octopus Go, and keep fuel costs around 3p per mile. To be eligible for Octopus Go, customers must have an EV.

Outgoing Octopus

Octopus Energy launched export tariffs 9 months earlier than required by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme which superseded the Feed In Tariff. Outgoing Octopus comes in two flavours – Fixed or Agile. Outgoing Fixed guarantees 15p per kWh for every unit exported. Outgoing Agile matches half-hourly prices with day-ahead wholesale rates. The Agile version of Outgoing encourages consumers to export excess solar (or any other renewable generation) at peak times of the day such as using home battery storage.

How Heat & Hot Water Cylinders combined with an Octopus Tariff can benefit you

Other than via heat loss, standard Hot Water Cylinders are forever limited to the energy collected or stored in them, only going down the drain. A Heat & Hot Water cylinder allows energy collected or stored within the cylinder, to be moved to your heating system, therefore helping to heat your home. Maximising the use and benefit of cheaper and flexible Octopus tariffs as well as reducing the run times / cycles of your primary boiler or Heat Pump heat source.

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