Partners of Heat & Hot Water Cylinders

Trusted partners of Heat & Hot Water Cylinders

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders work with a number of trusted partners to deliver our cylinders.

T-Smart logo

T Smart

We at Tesla fully embrace and support the technology. Our technologies working seamlessly together can help to reduce carbon emissions, utilise otherwise wasted off-peak energy and more importantly right now, provide savings for the consumer.
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Wilo UK is delighted to be working with Heat & Hot Water Cylinders.

As a leading premium manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for Building Services, Water Management and Industry, Wilo’s focus is on developing energy efficient products, systems and solutions that help you to meet your sustainability goals.

Charlie Luxton Design

Charlie Luxton Design

Charlie Luxton Design offers a thoughtful and sustainable approach to architecture. Creating beautiful, energy efficient buildings that age gracefully and don’t cost the earth to build or maintain.
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Design and supply of energy efficient systems for building services and industrial applications.

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Whitewolf Cylinders

3rd generation hot water cylinder manufacturer who’s heritage in the industry dates back to the establishment of Copperform in 1967, revitalising Range Cylinders in the 1990s/2000s, and growing RM Cylinders into a sector market leader in the 2010s.

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Providing a free-of-charge heating & plumbing design service to the new build housing sector. A 100% independent design company, able to provide designs for the domestic new build market incorporating any number of gas, electric or renewable energy based options. 

Whitewolf Cylinders logo

Recommended by Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton.

‘These Cylinders are really smart. The secret to low-energy architecture is to exploit all the little bits of energy that you have ambient around the building to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. And this tank is all about that’