Buy a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder

Interested in purchasing a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder?

You can buy our cylinders via your chosen merchant or supplier. If they don’t currently list Heat & Hot Water Cylinders, or our Cylinder prices, ask them to contact us directly for a price.

Or check out our cylinders prices for the following:

200litre 2-coil

250litre 2-coil

300litre 2-coil

400litre- 2-coil

500litre- 2-coil

250litre- 3-coil

300litre- 3-coil

400litre- 3-coil

500litre- 3-coil

If you are interested in minimising your energy bills further by installing either a Ground Source Heat Pump or Air Source Heat Pump with a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder, then please contact us directly via the following contact form:

Delivery is likely to be via Tail-lift / HGV and will require assistance at the site. Please ensure someone is present to help unload the cylinder carefully and sign the delivery paperwork.

Please note that you will be sent a proforma invoice for the full amount upon ordering.

All orders are confirmed by receipt of a 25% deposit. The remaining balance of 75% will be due at the delivery stage.

We aim to deliver orders within 10 working days after the full balance & cleared funds have been received.

Please Note :

Our cylinders are presented and sold on both Nominal and Actual volumes, for example, the 200litre 2-coil cylinder, because it has the additional extract / output coil, the actual water storage volume is a little reduced. The NOMINAL volume without coils is 200litre, the ACTUAL volume with coils is slightly reduced at circa 189litres. This slightly reduced volume applies to all of our cylinders due to the extra coil.