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Passionate about affordable and renewable energy.

We are passionate about our environment. We are passionate about maximising the use of clean green renewable energy as well as, cheaper, flexible energy supplies to increase our customers’ home comforts and minimise their energy bills wherever possible. Our patented Heat & Hot Water Cylinder range has been specifically designed to maximise the use of the energy collected and stored within our Hot Water Cylinders. Unlike almost all other hot water cylinders, our Heat & Hot Water Cylinders are not forever limited to the energy stored within the cylinder, either leaving the cylinder as heat loss or going down the drain!

With our extensive heating and hot water knowledge and experience, including over 20 years of working with, and installing, renewable energy technologies, we believe we offer and deliver a much more efficient, broader and better hot water cylinder solution. We are confident our hot water cylinders are superior, more effective and offer a far greater scope of connectivity, than any other hot water cylinder you may be considering.

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Heat and Hot Water Cylinder manufacture

Our hot water cylinders are different.

Our Heat & Hot Water Cylinders are unvented (can be vented) hot water cylinders, they are NOT high-temperature Thermal Stores.

Unlike high-temperature Thermal Stores, (typically much larger than necessary), our Heat & Hot Water Cylinders don’t have to be held at high temperatures, even in the warmer months, just to deliver hot water to the tap. Also, unlike thermal stores, Heat & Hot Water cylinders are designed to fit in a standard airing cupboard.

But like a thermal store, our hot water cylinders can be connected to multiple heat inputs such as a Heat Pump, a Boiler, an Immersion Heater / Solar PV, and Solar Thermal.

Since the mid-19th century when the first hot water cylinders were developed and installed, from those uninsulated high heat loss cylinders, including right up to today’s well-insulated hot water cylinders, they all suffer from Heat Loss to varying degrees. Our Heat & Hot Water cylinders have evolved from, and because of, the limitations of standard hot water cylinders, and them being forever, and life-long limited, to only delivering hot water, and therefore, the heat or energy only going down the drain!

Maximising the use & benefit of Hot Water Cylinders.

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders store domestic hot water, that can contribute towards heating your home as well as delivering your washing, bathing and showering hot water.

Just as a single coil hot water cylinder evolved from a direct hot water cylinder (no coil), and a twin coil cylinder evolved from a single coil cylinder (two input coils), a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder evolved to provide heating in addition to hot water. Whether contributing to the heating system as a whole, one floor (for instance, ground or first-floor heating), or towel rails, our Heat & Hot Water cylinders are the only cylinder you’ll need.

As insulation levels in our homes have and can be, improved, the energy required to heat our homes, and meet our comfort levels has reduced. That means we can heat our homes with much cooler water, or Flow & Return temperatures. Our heating systems today can and should be designed to operate as cool as possible, even during the coldest periods of the year, meaning the energy stored within a Heat & Hot Water cylinder, can be used to help heat your home and save you money.

Heat & Hot Water Cylinder heating
Heat & Hot Water Cylinders - energy saving

Efficient and cost effective.

Well-designed heating and hot water systems are essential to decarbonising our heating and hot water systems. Lower carbon emissions, lower energy consumption and best of all, lower running costs can be easily achieved!

A well-designed heating system can run or operate, at temperatures cooler than we wash, shower or bathe in.

Why waste your energy?

Whether for today, tomorrow or in the future, Heat & Hot Water Cylinders are designed around the basic principle of the more energy you collect and store, the more energy you have available to use within your homes!

Get in touch today to find out how Heat & Hot Water Cylinders can reduce your energy consumption.